Quick Tip - More Powerful Searching

Discussion created by grama23 Employee on Aug 12, 2018

Search is one of the most popular pages in Agile Central, and here are some ways that you can narrow down your search results even further:


  • Use + or AND operators to require matching keywords
    • By default, search looks for any of the keywords entered. By using AND or +, search will look for all results
    • e.g. +apple + green or apple AND green will look for results that contain both apple and green
  • Use - or NOT operators to exclude results containing a keyword
    • e.g. use +apple -oranges to get results that contain apples but not oranges
  • Search for phrases and similar matches by enclosing them in quotation marks
    • e.g. "test search" will return results including testing search, testing searches, test searching, etc.
  • Search in specific fields
    • Keyword search works for the following fields: Name, Description, Notes, Tags, FormattedID, and Discussion. All keyword searches except for Discussion searches can be combined with boolean operators.
    • e.g. Name:apple AND Description:green, or Tags:free OR Tags:gratis
  • Wildcards with ? (single character) and * (multiple characters) operators
    • e.g. te?t will return test or text
    • e.g. *ball will return football, volleyball, dodgeball and ball