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CA Directory : Upgrade

Question asked by K.Anurag on Aug 13, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 14, 2018 by delal03

Hi all,


What is the best approach when it comes to CA Directory In-place upgrade (from v12.0 SP18 to v12.6 SP4) ?


1. Renaming/Backing-up the existing installation directory with an another name and then running the upgrade installer ? In this case how easy would be a rollback ?

Will just an older installation path renaming/restoring will help or an uninstall of the newer version followed by a re-install of the older version will be required ?


2. Upgrading on a separate mount point in the Linux box ?


We want to do an in-place upgrade in such a manner where the roll-back should be easy and it shouldn't require an uninstall of the newer version and then a re-install of the older version.

Please suggest.