Unix agent shut down with bind error

Discussion created by KumarRahul605332 on Aug 14, 2018
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Since we migrated to v12.1 from version 9.13 we have noticed one particular AIX agent seems to be shutting down with the below error.


20180810/064544.625 - U02000102 Error when calling the function 'bind(:2308)', error code '67(Address already in use)



This doesnt happen very frequently, may be thrice in five months,  but it is still bothering us as lot of jobs run on this agent an even if the agent is down for 15 minutes there is business impact.


Now we noticed that with version 12.1 there is a new Listener process that starts when we start the agent. Could this be causing the issue? Is there any way we can disable the listener process? We have noticed that agent usually shuts down after a FTP step.


Any help would be appreciated.