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Using  AD LDS 2016 as policy store for SiteMinder 12.8 policy server

Question asked by JaimeBritton62352722 on Aug 14, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 27, 2018 by balasubramani.muthusamy

We are installing SiteMinder 12.8 on Windows Server 2016. When setting up AD LDS 2016 as the policy store database, we receive the following error:


The super user could not be saved in the policy store.
Failed to create the super user account.


Manually running the smreg -su command results in the same error.


When we run the smldapsetup status -v command, the directory server is being returned as 'Default LDAP' instead of 'Active Directory Application Mode' or 'Active Directory Lightweight Directory Services'


We are unable to proceed with our installation until this issue is resolved.


Has anyone experienced this issue before and overcome it? Please advise.