JBOSS 6.4 startup issues with APM 10.7

Discussion created by dave.richards on Aug 15, 2018
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Hi - we have just had an issue resolved by CA support regarding the startup of JBOSS 6.4 (standalone) with APM 10.7 javaagent enabled


JBoss EAP 6.x fails to initialize with log message "WARNING: Failed to load the specified log manager class org.jboss.lo…  - this gives a lot of detail to the issue and the workaround.


Although the fix works, we are worried as it will introduce a dependency in the JBOSS config that requires it to pick up a specific version of the log manager which may be superseded after JBOSS patching activity. As this issue causes the application server startup to fail, its a potentially serious issue.


Are CA and/or Red Hat looking into a code fix for this rather than a config amendment ?

Are there any other workarounds that wont require a dependency on the logging manager ?


We've also seen APM 10.7 work without the logging manager set (in 2 different applications) so is there a specific trigger that causes this to be an issue ? 

When we rolled back to 10.1 javaagent the application started fine without any logging manager config.


Thanks in advance for any help you can provide