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Clarity Upgrade 15.4 -Portlet Performance Issue

Question asked by RKP on Aug 15, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 15, 2018 by Suman Pramanik

Hi All ,

We are facing one weird  performance issue while accessing one custom portlet after upgrade to 15.4.

The portlet takes quite a long time to open up for the first time ( more than 20 mins ) however comes up very quick (less than in a minute ) in the subsequent run . To analyse it ,  we have taken up the app trace for this issue , can see 2 times the <nsq_internal> tag is being called in the <portletRequest id > tag with the same query id (myquery_id:5045029)


The first call shows almost 20 mins to execute it and the same <nsq_internal > tag  is just taking 4 secs to execute it .

My 3 questions -

1. Why this <persistence id="nsql_internal> tag is being called twice , is this the correct behavior?

2.  In the first <persistence id="nsql_internal> tag , why the associated query is not being shown  while I can see my portlet query in the second <persistence id="nsql_internal > tag . Is the first call without SQL query is the reason for slowness regarding the  performance issue in the first time execution .

3. Any idea why the first <nsql_internal> takes 20 mins to complete it .


Please advice if anyone has faced such issue earlier .


 <portletRequest id="myportlet_id" 

 <persistence id="nsql_internal" elapsed="1,186,224.000" elapsedSincePriorNode="54.000"          elapsedAfterLastNode="0.000" start="4:48:45:578" finish="5:08:31:802" memoryDelta="756095k">
<statementSet id="nsql_internal" elapsedSincePriorNode="0.000" start="4:48:45:578"/>
<statement id="myquery_id:5045029" elapsed="1,186,221.000" elapsedSincePriorNode="1,534,322,925,582.000" start="4:48:45:581" finish="5:08:31:802" memoryDelta="755836k"/>



<persistence id="nsql_internal" elapsed="3,995.000" elapsedSincePriorNode="2.000" elapsedAfterLastNode="0.000" start="5:08:32:251" finish="5:08:36:246" memoryDelta="21648k">
<statementSet id="nsql_internal" elapsedSincePriorNode="0.000" start="5:08:32:251"/>
<statement id="myquery_id:5045029" elapsed="3,993.000" elapsedSincePriorNode="1,534,324,112,254.000" elapsedAfterLastNode="30.000" start="5:08:32:253" finish="5:08:36:246" memoryDelta="21648k">
<execute id="STMT@7bf7c54c" elapsed="0.000" elapsedSincePriorNode="1.000" start="5:08:32:254" finish="5:08:32:254" memoryDelta="0k">
<execute id="STMT@6a6a04fd" elapsed="3,858.000" elapsedSincePriorNode="104.000" start="5:08:32:358" finish="5:08:36:216" memoryDelta="3919k">