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Disconnected Historical Agent Limit

Question asked by bwcole on Aug 16, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 18, 2018 by Lynn_Williams

APM Version :

Total Agents: 1580

Number of Collectors: 9


On the APM Status Console, we have an active clamp on one of our collectors:

introscope.enterprisemanager.disconnected.historical.agent.limitcollector009@50014004005:36:27 07/22/18

The number of agents on the nine collectors vary between 118 - 250.  Typically once a month, the APM is restarted to pick up OS patches and during that time, the agents will jump between collectors during start up then will level out after a few hours of load-balancing.  The problem with that is, during this process a collector may have had over 400 agents connect and disconnect till the agents are load balanced.


Question time:


1.  What is the behavior of a collector that has a historical.agent.limit clamp (400)?


2.  Depending on the resulting behavior of a collector, is this really an error level clamp/limit?


3.  Again, depending on the resulting behavior, is there a way to address this issue without resorting to assigning agents to specific collector or collectors, basically artificially dividing the agents into groups of less than 400 per collector? 


4.  What is the APM cluster impact when one, or more of the collectors are reporting the disconnected.historical.agent.limit?  In the nut-shell, when do I as the APM admin need to take preventative actions?