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Catalog Multi-Tenancy

Question asked by Kunal.gaurav on Aug 16, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 17, 2018 by Kunal.gaurav

Hi Team looking for some ideas and suggestion on this .


We are currently on 14.1 catalog version  Here is what we are trying to achive:


  • We have an Existing Business unit lets say "A", where we want to create another Business unit "B", which will restrict the users of "B" to view the tickets for A, but at the same time A users should be able to view/create/update and Modify the tickets for B..Please suggest ?.
  • Right now by default all the user are listed under "A" But we want the segregation of the user's to their respective business unit lets say "B" on the basis of contact filed "Company Corp" value in "usp_contact" and Ca_contact. how do we do that in database? could you suggest some basic script.





Kunal Gaurav