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Earned Value calculations in CA PPM, unexpected results

Question asked by Jasenko78 on Aug 16, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 29, 2018 by Abhisek

Hi all!

This is my first question here in the CA PPM community.  I hope someone will drop a hint or two regarding my "issue". It seems like a rather complex one, but I hope someone has experienced this in the past and will look right through it.


The case is built around CA PPM 15.3. The cost rate matrix has only one row containing the values of 1,00 for Rate, Standard Cost and Actual Cost each. The project is associated with the matrix. The project has a baseline and all the CA recommended jobs were run (Rate Matrix Extraction, Post Timesheets, Update Earned Value and Cost Totals, Investment Allocation.) The project contains labor costs only. Method of calculation is "Effort". To simplify testing, the project contains only 1 task with 1 assigned team member on the task (the only project team member also). The task end = project end. Task starts when the system records first actuals on it.


Given these starting information, I would assume the following:


1. For each posted actual, Actual Cost should be 1,00 (currency).

2. Earned Value should be equal to Actual Cost, since (hour worked * rate = EV)

3. BAC should be equal to EAC.

4. BAC - Actuals = ETC.

5. BAC Cost = BAC (since we have only rates of 1)

6. EAC = EAC Cost (same reasoning)

7. Actuals = ACWP (same reasoning) <-- this one is maybe the most confusing since we are getting funny numbers.

8. BCWS displays the (EAC Cost - Earned Value or BCWP) / number of days from today until the task end.  


CA PPM displays the results of its calculations in two blocks: Performance Costs (in hours) and Performance Effort. The later one is always showing the expected data. But the Performance Costs (in hours) displays data we can not explain.


I would like to start the discussion with the two most unexplainable one.


Actuals (recorded in the Performance Effort section) is for example 56,56 and Actual Cost (ACWP) is 432. My expectation would be Actuals = Actual Cost (since the Rate Matrix is populated with 1's).


BAC = 90 and Bac Cost = 699,5. My expectation would be the same 90 = 90.


The overall question is do I have an issue with my expectations or is the CA PPM behaving in unexpected ways?


I will provide more information, if needed. 


Anyone any ideas? We are feeling stuck with this one.  Any help would be greatly appreciated!