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API Explorer requires secure HTTPS connection

Question asked by AgentIce99 on Aug 16, 2018
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I'm trying to test out adding some basic API's through the portal. I have two API's added, one running off my local IIS, and one running off a remote app server. I have two VM's running on my machine, one for the portal and one for the gateway. 


I am able to hit both API's through the gateway proxy (in my case, something like my.gateway:8443/api/helloworld).


However, when I add a definition file and go to the API Explorer and try to submit a a test operation, I keep getting the error "API Explorer requires secure HTTPS connections. Please ensure your API descriptor file uses only HTTPS."


I have tried modifying my swagger 2.0 file with no luck. I tried editing the No Auth Template under "API Portal Integration" so that it's not checking for SSL, no change.


I did manage to get it work with a WADL file that just points to the proxy url (which is HTTPS) and enabling SSL on the template options, is that what is expected? Here's the WADL file that worked:


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<application xmlns="">
<doc xml:lang="en" title="ChallengeQuestions REST"/>
<resources base="https://my.gateway:8443/">
<resource path="api/identity" id="List ChallengeQuestions">
<doc xml:lang="en" title="List ChallengeQuestions"/>
<method name="GET" id="Get ChallengeQuestions List">
<doc xml:lang="en" title="Get ChallengeQuestions List"/>


Thanks for any help,