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Exchange Probe Deployment

Question asked by MarkPsenicka on Aug 16, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 17, 2018 by MarkPsenicka

I'm looking for some advice on the Exchange probe.  I am new to UIM as we have just deployed in the past few weeks and I'm still climbing the learning curve.  I have been asked to deploy the Exchange server probe to collect certain metrics.  In reading the MCS configuration instructions, it seemed to me as if once the Exchange probe was deployed, you could then setup profiles for each of the groups to monitor specific metrics.  I did not setup any profiles as of yet, but I'm finding that all metrics are being collected out of the box - I think.  The list of metrics that can be collected is enormous.  Are they all automatically enabled?  Is it possible to disable some of the profile metrics?  I'm concerned about overhead on the server when collecting too much.  Also, if there are any best practices out there for Exchange monitoring I would appreciate some help in finding them.


Thank you in advance.