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Not able to consume API Published on Gateway through Live API Creator

Question asked by karan11 Employee on Aug 17, 2018
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Hello All,


I have published an API on Gateway 9.2 using Live API creator 4.1. I am able to consume the APIs from Live creator directly. However, when I try to consume them via the gateway, the only endpoint i am able to consume is the @docs endpoint (https://gateway_Ip:port/ezxdu/v1/@docs) The other endpoints when I am trying to consume e.g. (https://gateway_Ip:port/ezxdu/v1/main:city) always getting below error:



"statusCode": 404,
"errorCode": 4044,
"errorMessage": "No such resource: main:city"


Can refer below screenshot.

Get request through API Gateway

.Get request through API gateway for @docs


Tried using Northwind DB, but facing same issue with it also.


Thanks in advance