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Timesheet entry allows past the date of termination

Question asked by vs00500773 on Aug 19, 2018
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CA PPM 14.3


When a resource has the term date on Friday, the timesheet is not showing any future timesheet whereas when a resource has a term date in the middle of the week, the system is allowing timesheet for the entire week.  There is no validation against the term date.


Example1 : Date of Termination 08/03/2018.  The timesheet is visible and available for entry


Example2: Date of Termination 08/08/2018 - The timesheet is visible for the entire week and allow the user to enter time past the term date.


I do understand that, as a process the resource manager review the timesheet and approve based on the the term date.  It would be hard for the resource manager to remember the term date for each contractor and approve the timesheet.


How do I systematically prevent the user not to enter time after the term date?


Any thoughts!