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Why are actuals not posting on the Team Tab, Task, or Assignments?

Question asked by MarkCasey77140488 on Aug 17, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 20, 2018 by MarkCasey77140488

I added a resource called "Software" to a project with $25K in allocations.  I created a task called "Purchase Software" and assigned the resource called "Software" to the task.  This populated the ETC on both the assignment and the Team Tab TSV.   I then entered a transaction on the task called "Purchase Software"  for $25K. 


The following jobs have completed:  Post Transactions to Financials, Post to WIP, Import Financial Actuals, Investment Allocation, and Update Aggregated Data. 


The Actuals show as expected in the Actuals field on the Project List page and in the Cost Plan.  However, there are no Actuals showing in the Team Tab TSV (Allocations and ETC are displaying, but not the Actuals).  And there are no Actuals showing on the Task List or the Task Assignment TSV.   Am  I missing a step?


Screen shots are provided below.