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CA Servicedesk web application not accessible

Question asked by caadmin on Aug 20, 2018
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I have CA SDM 14.1 installed in my env. having following OS specification:

OS- Win 2k8 R2

Tomcat version- 7.0.6/7.0.23


After installing following window patches and rebooting the server, Application was working fine.

KB4338823,KB4338818,KB4338612 &  KB4338423

Next day, post recycling the SDM service.... the SDM application webpage became inaccessible.

I have tried pdm_configure..but couldn't get luck.

The issue was ...All SDM service was running (confirmed by pdm_status) nut the web URL was not accessible.

when I uninstalled  KB4338823,KB4338818,KB4338612 patches one by one..and rebooted the server after every patch uninstallation....I have marked that after uninstalling KB4338612(related to .NET 3.5.1) and rebooting the server when I start SDM service...the webpage was accessible.

Have anyone got this issue ? what could be the reason behind this strange behavior of SDM application?

Even after patching, the .NET 3.5.1 was active, then how could .NET affect SDM or is there any tomcat dependency?