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CA PPM 15.4.1: Cross Project Dependency Mgmt; Why the cross project linked task baseline dates do not export to MSP 2016?

Question asked by Narsinghia on Aug 20, 2018
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CA Team

CA PPM 15.4.1: Cross Project Dependency Mgmt / Linking Test was carried out and found issue that the cross project linked task baseline dates did not export to MSP 2016? The linked projects were baselined prior to testing and when exporting individual projects, the baselines exported ok. 


  1. Any idea why baseline dates not exporting, image attached? 
  2. Why updating project baseline on the main project also writes new baseline dates of the linked projects? (Even though actually do not save in CA PPM for linked project). Impact: The user confusion
  3. Why the linked project tasks also gets exported? (it is not a full project plan though, just summary task and linked task). Impact: The user confusion and may edit wrong project.
  4. Can PPM 15.4.1+ be configured not to open separate MSP files of the linked projects/tasks? 


Is there any fix for above questions?


Feel free to reach out if any clarification on the question is needed. Thanks


Image below is the PPM Gantt View and MSP 2016 export of a test project. Note the example that two tasks where baselines got updated and one task was left as is to show that no baseline got exported. The linked project task plans ware baselined projects.

Also the platform is: Win 7 & 10, MSP 2016 and SC15.4.1, CAPPM 15.4.1


MSP Export - Linked Tasks Baseline dates not exporting out of PPM 15.4.1