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Where to find missing attributes in V15.4 which no longer has _V views?

Question asked by roland.parrotte Champion on Aug 21, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 22, 2018 by roland.parrotte

V15.4 will drop _V views.  This includes:

_CAPTION attributes - the value from the Lookup

_MAP_NLS attributes - if your attribute has Display Mappings this was the Description used in the display mappings

_COLOR attributes - if your attribute has Display Mappings colors, this attribute would return the color


These are not in the _V2 views which remain in V15.4.


For the _CAPTION attributes, you can link back to cmn_lookups_v, but you will have to no which look-up is being used, where as the _V view used to provide that information automatically.


How will PPM clients now access _MAP_NLS and _COLOR (and other attributes) which are no longer available in PPM V15.4?