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Mandatory Comments upon on Workflow Rejection

Question asked by chennak on Aug 21, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 21, 2018 by guiph01


We are using CA Identity Manager 12.6.8 in our environments with front ending CA Identity Portal. Approvers will use the Identity Portal to check for requests pending in approval queue and either approve or reject the requests.


We have a requirement to check if the approver provided comments or not when the request is rejected and display error message "comments are mandatory" without rejecting the request.



I have thought of using PX, but this may not work. I can add the condition for checking Rejection Comments empty or not, but can't think of logic for checking if the approver action was Reject or Approve on the PX UI level configurations.


I am looking at adding action scripts in the workflow designer during transition to "IM Reject" to check for the empty comments custom attribute field value and display appropriate error message to approvers.


Can some one please provide some thoughts on how this can be achieved and a sample action code if available?