Meetup - Agile Boulder (August) Why We DevOps

Discussion created by Giselle_Collazo Employee on Aug 21, 2018

If you're in the Boulder, CO area, join us for this month's Agile Boulder Meetup topic "Why We DevOps".


Details and RSVP here


The term "DevOps" covers a wide range of topics and opinions. It's easy to lose the "why" in the forest of information out there. Ultimately, it's simple: high-performance Agile needs DevOps. DevOps enables the frequent delivery and feedback loops that drive agile development.


About the speaker: Logan Miles is a software developer and DevOps evangelist on a support team with TransUnion, focusing on internal tooling, monitoring, and automation. He's a fan of bar trivia, fantasy novels, and dogs. In his spare time he start projects, build a CI/CD pipeline, then get distracted before ever adding features.