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CA Service Desk Archive/Purge

Question asked by gizmo1969 on Aug 21, 2018
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We currently have a situation in our 12.6 CP3 installation where periodically the archive and purge jobs just fail to run, and we have been unable to get them running again without restarting the application.

Archive/Purge Jobs

Above are the jobs and the titles ideally explain what we are archiving/purging.  Below are long running SQL queries we see in the database that tell us they haven't completed.

SQL Queries

This is what we would normally see...

When it doesn't work the Archive and Purge History list displays nothing.  Not seeing anything noticeable within the arcpur logs or the std logs to indicate any issues.


Anyone got any ideas.  Anyway to get the jobs going again without restarting the application.  It has been working fine for a long time (4+ years).