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Refresh Non Prod Environments

Question asked by john.wohlgemuth on Aug 22, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 10, 2018 by Brian_Mathato

We would like to periodically refresh our non production environments with the production reference tables data for development, troubleshooting etc


  • We do not want to restore the database each time we do a refresh
  • Tables include contacts, config items, attr_alias etc
  • Configuration items should maintain the PR own_resource_uuid and the CORA data
  • We will not refresh call_req, chg, wf  etc data
  • Products: Service Desk, Service Catalog
  • At this time, removal of PI from ca_contact and other tables is not a requirement.


I could write a SSIS package, but this would take time, and there are products I can buy.  However, I am looking for a CA solution.


Any suggestions?