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SLA Predicted Violation Not Firing

Question asked by jeffery.mason on Aug 23, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 13, 2018 by jeffery.mason

We are just starting to use SLA's and the first is a simple one for unassigned incidents.

I have three events associated to a Service Type:
1. Alert - Add an Activity Log
2. Warning - Add an Activity Log,  & Set CR SLA Violation=Predicted

3. Violation -  Add Activity Log - SLA Expired, &  Set SLA Violation = Violated


All three events fire "Actions on True" on schedule and add the activity logs at the set delay times.

However, Event 2 that includes set predicted violation does not set the SLA status to "Predicted". The Activity log only contains the event condition (same condition macro on all three events) and does not show violation = predicted.

The status remains "Not Violated" in the SL tab

Event 3 fires and executes its actions and sets status to Violated.  Predicted never occurs.

Classic SLA is uninstalled, all other SLA options appear to be installed as required.


Any idea why the predicted violation is not being set?


Runnning SDM 14.1.05.