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Reuse of Existing VirtDB Update Agents

Question asked by Alan_Eth on Aug 24, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 28, 2018 by Alan_Eth

We are running r12.6.


We have a record type (Attached_Event) which we are using more heavily than we suspect the average site is.


Looking at the output of the pdm_vdbinfo command we can see that it is putting an awful lot of work on the "00" Virtual DB Update Agent.


We can see discussion where new dedicated agents are added (via @NX_VIRTDB_AGENTxx entries in the NX.ENV file) but we are wondering if we can use an under-utilised existing Agent? We have almost no activity of KPI records so is it safe for us to update the entry:

@NX_VIRTDB_AGENT10=Kpi_Ticket_Data, Kpi_Data


@NX_VIRTDB_AGENT10=Kpi_Ticket_Data, Kpi_Data,Attached_Event