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ErrorCode":157,"ErrorMessage":"Invalid data uim for field originatingID

Question asked by Motheeshwaran on Aug 27, 2018
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We are working on CA UIM and Remedy integration, facing an issue when we try to create ticket in Remedy.


We have added new drop down values (like UIM,APM)for the field in the drop-down and it appears in remedy front end but when UIM tool tries to send the value(UIM) they are getting this error


Please find below error 


Error while calling the createIncident for Alarm [IN56857617-22889] java.lang.Exception: {"Error":{"ErrorCode":157,"ErrorMessage":"Invalid data uim for field originatingID. Possible values [[bmcimpactmanagerevent, directinput, email, externalescalation, fax, other, phone, selfservice, systemsmanagement, voicemail, walkin, web]]","


Is something we have to do the new drop down values in UIM tool also or what is the step to reflect the new drop down values in UIM tools ?


Looking for help from you all.