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File->Copy ticket function do not copy wf tasks

Question asked by Soporte.Sigesti on Aug 25, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 28, 2018 by Soporte.Sigesti

Hi there folks.
I'm having a problem with CA SDM and hope you can help me.
When I create a ticket that has a category with workflow tasks, the ticket is created with the wf tasks. Everything is ok til here.
However, If I copy any ticket with workflow tasks, the ticket is copied but without the wf tasks.

I've been searching in Google and the community but haven't find any solution. I found that this problem was solved (fixed issue DE31291) in version 14,1,04. However, it seems that this doesn't work again.

This are the steps I follow to check:

-Assign workflows tasks to a categroy. I used the 'Hardware' category and assigned tasks to Incident, Request and Problem tabs.
-Create a ticket with that category. The wf tasks appear in the Relationship tab.
-Copy the ticket (File -> Copy). I fill all the mandatory fields. I didn't modify the ones that are copied from the old ticket.
-Press save. The ticket is created without the wf tasks.

Do any of you have experienced the same problem? Do you know how to solve it?

In our company we are using CA SDM 17.0. All the tests have been made in a clean installation of CA SDM

Thanks in advance!