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Automic's plans for Java commercialization?

Question asked by Carsten_Schmitz on Aug 28, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 11, 2019 by Jim Mackley



We've already discussed the new Java release cycles in the past. But far bei it from Oracle to leave it at that.


Oracle now also appears to say that Oracle Java (formerly Sun Java) will, from here on, require commercial licensing, paid and per CPU. I'm not sure when this takes effect, but I quote from the Oracle Java web site:


At the end of your Java SE Subscription, your rights to any commercial software downloaded under the subscription, and your access to Oracle Premier Support, will end.  We recommend transitioning your Java SE applications to OpenJDK binaries from Oracle (under a GPL license) before the end of your subscription if you do not intend to continue with the subscription.  This will allow you to continue running your applications uninterrupted.


Emphasis mine.


Apparently this gem has been hidden in there since March, but we've gotten aware of it from this article (sorry, it's in German). Apparently, Oracle will push Java into a model akin to RedHat: The "testbed" of sorts is OpenJDK with rapid release cycles, and if you want commercial support and, here comes the devious part,  LTS releases, you need to pay for a license. The news, however, is that you definetly need a license if you want to use Oracle JRE/JDK and not OpenJDK.


I wonder:


Is CA/Automic aware of this matter, and will AE and AWI support OpenJDK in time? If AE/AWI should still require Oracle JRE in 2019, it would strongly appear all Automic clients would have to pay license fees to Oracle, too.