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Why is conf_ad_server_2.03.exe flagging as malware?  {SHA256: 61f290751474e0db5f79f256220cabe7923796c5629865f37a041a073c8e8f2a}  And it is unsigned!

Question asked by VAWunschel on Aug 28, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 28, 2018 by Hitesh_Patel

We had a coworker blocked in Carbon Black because this object was marked as malware in VirusTotal, and it is not signed by CA.    Sure looked malicious to us.   We had to move it from our blacklist to the whitelist.   Our security reputation took a hit.   CA needs to be more cautious with their probes!


Please verify that this object is yours!




Marked by 34 of 66 Antivirus companies as Malware in VirusTotal, original file name "Program.exe", last analysis date 2018-08-08.


SHA256: 61f290751474e0db5f79f256220cabe7923796c5629865f37a041a073c8e8f2a