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Password no changes with password view policies "Change Password On View" and "Check-out / Check-in" with AIX Target Account.

Question asked by Adolfox on Aug 29, 2018
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The case is, there is a AIX Target Account with Password view policy with the options: Change Password On View and Check-out / Check-in. When the customer try to view the password and check out and then to make check in, shows some error s:
PAM-CM-1062: The specified password view request does not exist.

PAM-CM-1349: A problem occurred while executing the script processor. Please try your request again or contact your Administrator.

The change process use the following account to change password TESTPAM.

The customer says that when they checking AIX needs the OLD PASSWORD of TESTPAM, but how to make that CA PAM inject it in the process.


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