SSO Federation - Custom Assertion Generator - Plug-in Class

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Hello Everyone,


Could you please have a look at the below details and provide your thoughts for a solution.


1. There is a federated partnership in our system where we have created and configured custom assertion generator class in the partnership.


2. The custom assertion generator class works fine and SAMLResponse is also gets generated successfully. We are sending some data to the custom assertion generator class in the query string parameter (GET - Request Method) . For ex, location=USA (as mentioned below)


3. We are able to read the query string parameter in the custom assertion generator class and include the same in the SAMLResponse.


Here is my doubt :


I need to send the location=USA to the below federation URL in POST but not in GET for various valid reasons. I am not able to read the location parameter in custom assertion generator class when I send it in POST.


Custom Assertion Generator Class : 


API - com.netegrity.policyserver.smapi.APIContext


Code snippet : 

String location = apiContext.getAttrMap().get("location");



The above code works fine for GET method type but not for POST.I have tried to see if I have to use any other API within apiContext class to read the POST data but I couldn't find any.


Please let me know if you have any thoughts on this. Please don't hesitate let me know for any further details


Awaiting for a reply :-). Thank you


Thanks & Regards,