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pdm_ket (Knowledge Export) Error

Question asked by Alan_Eth on Aug 29, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 30, 2018 by Alan_Eth

We are attempting to use pdm_ket to export the details of some Knowledge Documents but we are getting an error and it is then saying there is nothing to export.


A sample sequence from the stdlog file is:

... domsrvr     9588 SIGNIFICANT  connmgr.c   2394 Connecting client pdm_ket
... keit_daemon 3088 SEVERE_ERROR bpobject.c  5350 Attempt to cast type NIL BPData to long
... keit_daemon 3088 SIGNIFICANT  export.c     462 get_kd_count() - No documents found to be exported
... domsrvr     9588 SIGNIFICANT  connmgr.c   2394 Disconnecting client pdm_ket


There doesn't seem to be anything useful in either of the log files that are specific to this utility.


There definitely are KDs to be exported and we have tried without any filters.


The output files are getting produced in the appropriate place, including a keit_config.xml file.


We can get the utility working in one of our test environments but not in our UAT or Production. We are using the same template definitions in each environment.


We are running r12.6 - fully patched - and with the same code in all our environments.


Has anyone else struck this error before and know what the actual problem is here?