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JWPs, JCPs, fault tolerance, and load balancing

Question asked by Michael_Lowry on Aug 30, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 5, 2019 by Michael_Lowry

1. JWPs

The v12.2 documentation page on the Java Work Process states:

For AWI services you will have to start more than one JWP. At this point in time there is no work load distribution of the listed services implemented between the active JWPs of an Automation Engine system. Unlike other kinds of work processes.

The page on System Requirements & Sizing suggests 10 JWPs (5 per node) for a large AE system. Will load-balancing be added in the future? In the meantime, is there any way to ensure that no single JWP is overloaded? (Moreover, how do the AE & AWI determine which JWP to use?)


2. JCPs

The v12.2 documentation page on the Java Communications Process states:

Setting up a system with multiple JCPs can be convenient for balancing and to provide failover capabilities, because the REST requests are sent and distributed only to available JCPs.

As noted on that page, running multiple JCPs requires creating a separate ucsrv.ini file for each JCP.  The System Requirements & Sizing page does not mention JCPs at all. How should the number of JCPs to start be determined? Is any load balancing performed between JCPs when multiple JCPs are running?