Using Net Areas to segregate CP connections by type

Discussion created by Michael_Lowry on Aug 30, 2018

Since upgrading to AE v12.0.5, we have been suffering from a new problem wherein Java UI performance is constrained by CP. Some CPs are overloaded, while others are running fine and could easily handle more connections. Connecting client programs (agents, Java User Interface users, and applications based on the Java APIs) continue to connect to a CP that is already overloaded, rather than connecting to a less-burdened CP.


We are looking into possible ways to address the problem, and one idea we have come up with is to use Net Areas to segregate CP connections by the type of connecting client. E.g.,

  • Net Area 1: Agents
  • Net Area 2: Java User Interface clients
  • Net Area 3: Java Application Interface clients
  • Net Area 4: Automic Web Interface (AWI) server(s)


Has anyone tried this before? Does it work? Are there any special things to be aware of?


Also, are Net Areas relevant to Java Communications Processes (JCPs)?