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CA TDM Portal Slow in Cloning

Question asked by johnviot on Aug 30, 2018
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I has a data generator with a subset and all the rules of the generador are sql. When I execute the generator trought Gt Datamaker, it finish the publish in 2 minutes, but when a execute the same generator but by CA TDM Portal it complete the publish in 28 minutes.


TDM Portal


GT DataMaker  


I tried modify the and according to:

TDM Portal Performance 

Increasing CA TDM Portal JVM memory - CA Knowledge 


It is only one iteracction but I tried modify the tdmweb.publish.iterationsBeforeCommit option to but que slow persist.


The subset has 44 tables, and it delay in inserting each record because when more rows has a table more slower is.


Nota: When I executed the same generator by GT Datamaker it is faster and take 2 minutes maximum.