Deregister/deactivate jobplans running in context of a job group

Discussion created by HermanVanbrussel610323 on Aug 31, 2018
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I have a simple jobplan with a script that activates jobplans. These jobplans are activated in the context of a jobgroup. The job group is activated right after the script and will allow the (one by one) execution of the jobplans registered by the script.

Now if I cancel the main  jobplan with "cancel recursive" then the job group will be cancelled (and in my case also deactivated) and the active "child" jobplan which was running in the context of the job group is also cancelled and deactivated.

All the jobplans which were registered but not yet started stay in the activity window. Is there anyway I can deregister/deactivate these "child" jobplans when the job group is cancelled and deactivated? This to prevent that these "child" jobplans will be activated next time the job group is active. So every time I start the main jobplan I want to start with a 'clean sheet'.


Many thanks for your suggestions, Herman.