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Create new message an add cookies from another

Question asked by jmarcoss on Aug 31, 2018
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I have a problem with a develpment using CA API Gateway 9.2. I've looking in the documentation and forums, but I don't find the solution.


I need to routing a POST call to a backend. Ok, until this point, all is right. Next, with the response, I need to make a GET call to another URL in the same backend. This new call must include the cookies specified in the Set-Cookie obtained from the previous response.


I know that in order to switch from POST to GET, I have to create a new message and specifies in the http routing assertion the GET method with the that new message, but I have not able to add the cookies to the message created with the setContextVariable assertion. I have using "Manage Cookie" assertion and "Manage Transport" assertion, but it seems that the these assertions doesn't actualize the variable.


Any idea about what am I doing wrong?


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