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Spectrum & UIM Integration question

Question asked by corderoj on Aug 31, 2018
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I have some questions for anyone that has successfully completed the integration with UIM and Spectrum.


I'm running into plenty of issues, but with the main one being that when the integration is enabled, UIM/Spectrum is updating models in Spectrum on other landscapes than what is chosen on the integration page. I would assume that the designated landscape would limit the scope to just the one intended. In reality, what seems to happen in my environment is the models from UIM will sync to the designated landscape (so far so good), but then if there are any other models on other landscapes (EX: SystemEDGE models, pingable models, etc.), UIM/Spectrum updates the models with the information from UIM. This can include (but is not limited to), names within Spectrum, IP addresses within Spectrum, MAC addresses within Spectrum, and I'm sure numerous other things. If you go to disable the integration from OneClick, and choose OK to delete models, it deletes models that aren't UIM models either! 


I have a case open with both UIM & Spectrum support, but I just wanted to check to see if anyone else is/has run into similar issues. This can't be functioning as designed, or, if it is, the design is pretty messed up possibly...


Running Spectrum 10.2.3 GA and spectrumgtw 8.65 GA. 


Any insight would be much appreciated. I'll post this on the Spectrum communities as well. 


Thank you,