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17.1 MDB upgrade procedure

Question asked by CodeGeek on Sep 3, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 7, 2018 by CodeGeek

Hi Team,

we have have an windows Server 2012,

1. firstly we have installed the SDM 17.1 on the server,
2. then we have uninstalled the SDM 17.1 and installed the SDM 12.9 on the same server, restored the mdb with 12.9 mdb (prod date)
3. Upgraded the SDM 17.1 (application and mdb)


however the web interface about section still showing 17.0 version, then I have tried to run the 17.1 update installation by defualt the following sections of the update showing as completed (Green mark).
1. CA Service Deks Manager Binaries Updates:171
2. MDB Update 17.
3. Localization Update 17.
4. Post installation steps 17.1


I suspect the 17.1 updates are not completed as it shows, because the about section shows it is 17.0 level.

how to fix this?


is there any other way to update the mdb alone to 17.1?