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Why Tenant Provisioning Won't Start

Question asked by herbert.silva on Sep 4, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 15, 2018 by herbert.silva

Hello guys,


I am new to the community and I would like to say that I am really sorry if I am asking this question in the wrong place.

Melanie_Giuliani, please fell free to delete my post at any moment.


The thing is that I am trying to install the Portal 4.2 in a AWS instance, a c5.4xlarge by the way. It has 16 cores and 32gb of RAM.


Everything goes fine, but the portal_tenant-provisioning service never starts. I have tried both online and offline installation and followed the great cotal01 guide.


I have followed the installation troubleshoot, but there was not much to do.


I leave a few screenshoot from the logs, but I don't have a good clue of what the problem may be. I am guessing that it's somehow related to the Portal trying to reach the Gateway, but as the gateway is in another machine and there is no configuration telling the portal where to find the gateway, it will never happen.


None of the installation guides that i have followed tells anything about the gateway instance, so I am not sure that the gateway is really necessary to the Portal.


I appreciate your time and any help will be welcome.


Thank you and have a good day.