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Add Additional Origin to a robot

Question asked by Daniel Blanco Champion on Sep 4, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 10, 2018 by Daniel Blanco

How can I add QoS data from a robot under one origin to be able for it to be seen in another client origin? 

I was thinking I could just add the additional origin to that specific robot via a DB update but I'm not seeing that double origin values listed in the CM_COMPUTER_SYSTEM table on that specific robot entry?


Background to this, we are using the E2E probe and have scripts running and setup. Those robots run under our Origin of Alphaserve. The scripts are testing a client environment which the client has their own UMP Account login but does not have access to Alphaserve QoS data. Is there a way to have our E2E probe which is running on say AlphaBox1 which is under Alphaserve Hub to grant access to the QoS data it creates to Client1's UMP Account w/o giving Client1's account access to all of Alphaserve?


I see in our UMP USM's Inventory that several devices have multiple origin's list in some cases. What table is the Inventory pulling this data out of? I was wondering if I could just add the Client1 origin to AlphaBox1 robot's Origin list and have this as a work around but I need to know which table this is pulling this info from.