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Question for the CA Mobile Team: MAG Social Login

Question asked by cotal01 Employee on Sep 4, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 6, 2018 by David-Vinell

I was asked to ask the question here, so a broader audience could either chime in or benefit from the answer provided by our mobile team.


The question is about the MAG Social Login usage in a real-world use case. Let's say that a company is willing to use Facebook and Google through our MAG SDK, to authenticate their users. Those users might be as well customers of the company that built the mobile app. For example, a utility company and the customer has electricity service provided by the same company. How can they match what's coming from the social login platform with something that matters to their mobile app, such as a customerID or something? Is this a matter of changing the user-info OpenID endpoint or is there anything else that has to take place, such as changing some social login policies, request access to some extra social platform user information, etc.


Thanks in advance!