Password Change Policy while Primary Site is down in a Multi-Site Configuration

Discussion created by avijit278 on Sep 6, 2018
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I am just thinking of a particular scenario, where the primary is unavailable and user request  gets directed to secondary site and performs password check out and after 5 minutes he check's-in. Assuming that the Password View Policy is set to change the password immediately after every check-in and secondary site being only read only,it is the primary which can push password changes.

1. How will the password change be handled in this scenario?

2. What happens when Primary Site is back online? How will the Check-out/Check-in information propagation take place between secondary and primary or even there will be any propagation?

4. Will the password change once Primary is back?

3. What would be the status of the secondary site while the primary site goes down? Operationally safe mode?


Questions are asked based on assumptions that we have not yet promoted a secondary into primary.