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Advanced Response Options in IBM MQ Native (MQ Virtualization)

Question asked by pranaygupta on Sep 6, 2018
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I am doing MQ Virtualization for one of the requirement through IBM MQ Native selection.


I have 1 Request Queue and 2 Response Queue


Channel Name in LISA: Request1

REQUEST QUEUE: CARS.REQUEST - Request drops on this queue


Channel Name in LISA: Response1

RESPONSE QUEUE 1: CARS.RESPONSE - There are two responses coming in this queue. One after other


Channel Name in LISA: Response2

RESPONSE QUEUE 2: CARS.DETAILS.RESPONSE - One response. The response to this queue drops after response in CARS.RESPONSE is dropped



When I go to next step, DevTest ask to fill information on Advanced Response Options. The Unknown Response options shows two options: Response1 and Response2. Which one should I select? And What number should I give in Minimum and Maximun Responses?


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