Power BI - Looking for others using Power BI for reporting on the CA Service Management suite

Discussion created by pade on Sep 6, 2018

I'm looking for collaborations with others using Power BI as the reporting tool for the CA Service Management suite. I know CABI comes with DataMart and Jaspersoft, but Jaspersoft doesn't fit into our BI strategy, so for the main reporting we are using Power BI.


My understanding is that the CA strategy is Jaspersoft and to not support 3'rd party BI tools for the CA Service Management suite. For e.g. their CA PPM product CA has another approach. So using Power BI you/we are on our own if we don't set up a fruitful collaboration.


Our work has so far been in using the usp_kpi_ticket_data table for advanced ticket calculations and using the ca_owned_resource table and the ca_contact table for ticket aggregations. We now need to step into handling SCD (Slowly Changing Dimensions) using the audit tables.


Please reply (preferably in this thread) if you have any interests herein, and preferably of you have done or are doing the very same as we