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unable to receive response from Backend API in when using API Explorer in Portal

Question asked by neaid01 Employee on Sep 6, 2018
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i'm facing recurrent issue when Testing an API published in Developer portal using the Api explorer. 

i following these steps for publishing the API:

1. i have a backend API available on a LAC SERVER (backend API url : )

2. i took the swagger file of this api and modified in it the point to my gateway tenant which is enrolled with the portal (this is the gw url :  https://gw3.local.poc:8443/banking_api/3


3. i successfully published the API with the modified swagger file using API key for authentication and also in the api explorer


now, i can test the API using a client app (like postman) via the gw url  and get response from the backend . however, when i test it using the API explorer of the portal i get the following error (see screenshot as well) : 

Error: Unable to make request. This may be due to a network error or a Cross-Origin Resource Sharing request pre-flight failure.






any ideas how can i resolve it ?