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unzip the incoming request in VS

Question asked by sum528 on Sep 6, 2018
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Hi All,


There's a requirement for a VS, for one of the scenarios, the request xml will be zipped by upstream application  and send that zipped request file to the stub or Virtual Service.

And VS need to unzip the request file and process it as normally and while sending back the response (xml) , VS should zip the response (or compress the response) back to the application. 

(size of the incoming request xml  from application is  > 3 MB file , the size is more because request XML carries around 5000 and more sections of <customerInfo> in it. application will zip this > 3MB file and send to the VS)


Inside the VSM,  for example if there are 5000 sections of <Customer> is coming in the incoming request then VSM will append those 5000 <Customer> sections( using java script )in the response XML and send back. this logic is already in place.


Now the question is: How to unzip the incoming request and zip the response xml while sending back to the application?


is there any feasibility of this requirement in LISA?


J_NeSmith  Ulrich_Vogt


im using DevTest 9.5 and the VS protocol is MQ/xml.