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IIS AppPool windows identity not picking up

Question asked by kuser on Sep 7, 2018
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I am opening a new discussion for my earlier question since the original question in that thread may be different:

Siteminder with IIS and Custom AD Domain Application pool account 


I have webagent installed & configured on an IIS 8.5 server. The .NET web application is setup to run under a Windows service account, setup as the Windows Identity in the IIS Application Pool setting. This is the application account that interacts with the backend database objects.  In the IIS administration UI, anonymous authentication is disabled and windows authentication is enabled.  When a user tries to access the web application, the SSO page is presented and the user is able to be authenticated. However, the application is not working, because the Windows Identity that the application sees is the user account that logged in through SSO instead of the Windows Identity (AD service account) set in the IIS application pool.   Does CA SSO ignore the Windows Identity setup in the IIS application pool (meant for backend processing) and if yes, how to make this application work with the app pool identity?