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Question asked by FRAPH01 on Sep 7, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 19, 2018 by Luu Le

We are running a series of nightly reports that all go to the same directory to be reviewed by staff.

Right now the jobs are meaningless to the reviewers and become noise and non-searchable.

The members created in the directory are Report.000000runid#.txt  

We would like reports members to reflect a  name and not just the runid#.


  report.0004107146.txt  would become 24Hr_JOBJCL.0004107146.txt 

  report.0004107138.txt  would become 24Hr_ABEND.0004107138.txt

  report.0004107137.txt would become DB_Space.0004107137.txt

Where the title prefixes the members instead of the word report.

Or some other means of distinguishing the report with a meaningful name based on the members name or title.

The naming methodology must be simple and repeatable for all jobs.


Thanks in advance.

Be Well