AWI - a lot of WARN Exceptions

Discussion created by MarkusJurchen607204 on Sep 10, 2018
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We got a lot of WARN Exceptions in the awi tomcat-logfile (tomcat/logs) like this:

2018-08-16 09:33:58,244 http-apr-8080-exec-37 [WARN ] NOSESSION/- NOUI   [ork.entrypoint.servlet.ECCServletService] - 13,604s/13,604s [Request: GET /PUSH]

java.lang.RuntimeException: This took too Long.


These exceptions appear very often.


According to the dev department of CA the message can be ignored.

The messages can safely be ignored.

 If tomcat 7 is in use as a workaround customer could use the latest Tomcat 7, where the messages should appear not this often.


Is there a way to stop the logging of These exceptions?