APMSQLServer and Simple JSON plugin…no data points

Discussion created by FelixSutarelli on Sep 10, 2018
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Hello, I am trying to connect Grafana Dashboard with APMSQL through the JSON Data Source and a Tomcat Server.

I am new in Grafana, so I will try to explain well my problem:

  • I have defined the resource in the tomcat context.xml file, with all the connection info, jdbc url, user, password, etc…

  • I have deployed the grafanarest.war in the webapps tomcat folder.

  • I have succesfully installed the simple json plugin in grafana.

  • I have created a new DataSource, SimpleJson Type, pointing to “mytomcatip:10000/grafanarest”, tested the connection, and it works.

  • I try to create a new dashboard, using my json datasource, with just a simple metric like apmsql 'spcdsrvv3266|.*|.*'  'CPU:Processor Count'  agg_value exact defined as timeserie…but it never works, it only shows the text “no data points” in the graph.

If I open the Query Inspector see the query is not being executed or is not returning any data.


  "data": "",
  "status": 200,
  "statusText": "OK",
  "xhrStatus": "complete",
  "request": {
    "method": "POST",
    "url": "api/datasources/proxy/1/query",
    "data": {
      "timezone": "browser",
      "panelId": 2,
      "dashboardId": 2,
      "range": {
        "from": "2018-09-10T17:58:41.862Z",
        "to": "2018-09-10T18:03:41.863Z",
        "raw": {
          "from": "now-5m",
          "to": "now"
      "rangeRaw": {
        "from": "now-5m",
        "to": "now"
      "interval": "500ms",
      "intervalMs": 500,
      "targets": [
          "target": "apmsql 'spcdsrvv3266|.*|.*'  'CPU:Processor Count'  agg_value exact",
          "refId": "B",
          "hide": false,
          "type": "timeserie"
      "maxDataPoints": 720,
      "scopedVars": {
        "__interval": {
          "text": "500ms",
          "value": "500ms"
        "__interval_ms": {
          "text": "500",
          "value": "500"
      "adhocFilters": []




I can´t find what is wrong, as all the pieces seem to be well configured, the datasource is working, the credentials for the apmsql are the right ones, etc…What am I missing?

ps: im running apm 10.7 SP1

Thanks a lot in advance.