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Spectrumgtw alert Auto ticketing from CA UIM

Question asked by longkut1 on Sep 11, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 11, 2018 by KathyMaguire

So, Spectrumgtw probes is sending alarms to CA UIM, we have configured using the sdgtw to raise auto ticket. 


Now if we manual assign a spectrum alarms, ticket are raised, but we need this to be automated so that the alarm are assigned and tickets are raised. 


For other probes, we use the AO to auto assgined the alarms and auto ticketing is working fine.As the other alarms are NAS based alarm, hence this assignment is working, but doesn't work for Spectrumgtw probes events. 


Also on the sdgtw raw Configure, create_incidents_for_spectrum_alarms key is set to yes. 


Been going through the communities and CA wiki and doing loads of RD but no sucess so far. 


Anyone has any idea or has done the same, Please let me know.